Cabins at Timber Kove

Chippewa Timber Kove Resort

Established 2003

Timber Kove was built from the ground up in 2003. This is a wooded, park-like setting with access to the lake. This property boasts 13-three bedroom, three bath vacation homes spread out on 8 acres with 300 feet of frontage. All parking is behind the homes, with the pool, playground, paved walking trails and virgin stands of trees left throughout the recreational area.

These homes were built in sets of two, with a closed in hallway through them, joining two units together. This gives you the option to have SIX BEDROOMS AND SIX BATHROOMS under one roof, without running outside to get to the other side! This configuration is very popular with larger families, extended families and corporate groups, as every bedroom also has its’ own private bathroom off of the bedroom.