Chippewa Flowage Fishing Reports

Jenks Bait & Tackle Fishing Report

Date: 2021-10-09


Walleye fishing has about remained the same as it has been and we expect it to until we get a good cold snap to come through. Fish are scattered…some are deep and some are shallow. It is hard to pinpoint spots that Walleye will be consistently in. That said, it is not impossible to catch Walleyes right now, but you have to use your electronics. Spot where the baitfish are at and do not get hung up on particular spots. Where baitfish are today, they may not be there tomorrow. Fishermen have been primarily using minnows, particularly Larger Fatheads and Sucker Minnows, but given higher water temps Crawlers are still a viable option.


Musky are similar to Walleye in that they are spread out and you cannot pinpoint their locations based on previous fall patterns. Some may still be out deeper while others may have moved in shallow. As stated in the Walleye section, utilize your electronics and find the baitfish. Trolling is definitely a viable option and will aid in spotting where the baitfish are. If you are casting, you are not limited on what folks are throwing. Fishermen right now are throwing the entire spectrum from Surface to Rubbers. If you are casting, you should be floating a sucker. Everyone has their favorite sucker size, and while success has been reported on smaller and larger suckers, larger suckers have seemed to get more success.


The Pike have been a bit quiet this week but most likely from the fact that not too many people are fishing for them at this point. With water temps being what they are, Tinseltail spinners would still be a good choice right now for pike.


The Crappie bite has gotten better recently, however, they are still not schooled up in Moore’s Bay yet as the temperature is still way too high. Most folks are reporting success using Crappie Minnows, Gulp Minnows, and Mini-Mites fishing in 25-30 feet.


Fall Color Report: We are pretty much in peak color season as of right now. Musky Sucker Availability Update: We have a very good supply of Small and Large Suckers this weekend. Medium Suckers are not available at all at the moment.


It is going to cool down slightly this week but it is still going to be warm for this time of year. This weekend will see highs in the mid 70s and as we get into Monday highs for the week will range from the mid to high 50s. Lows are looking to be in the mid 40s to mid 50s all week. Expect some thunderstorms on Sunday.

Water Level

2 feet down

Water Temp

mid to high 60s